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Whether you’re a hobbyist, entrepreneur or professional, we’ve got courses that will keep you flying. At Johnson County Community College, our Aviation program for Continuing Education allows students to take courses in unmanned aerial vehicles, drone photography, being a good flying companion and so much more. JCCC also offers classes that are perfect for those interested in earning a private pilot certification.

How Will Aviation Courses Enhance My Life or Career?

JCCC’s Aviation courses will allow you to develop new skills and gain hands-on experience. In our Aviation classes, you can:

  • Learn how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can prepare you for a career in engineering, aerospace, geomatics, broadcast, civil engineering or commercial flying
  • Understand the regulatory environment and operating issues with aviation equipment
  • Take away tips on safety and legal UAV use
  • Learn about aerial photography and practice using the camera settings on drones
  • Understand how to help pilots as a flying companion or crewmate

Our Aviation program also includes a Private Pilot Ground School course. This course is the first step in earning your Private Pilot certification and taking the FAA Private Pilot exam.

Why Choose JCCC Continuing Education Aviation Courses?

JCCC offers many benefits for students seeking to develop new skills or further their career growth through continuing education classes. In our Aviation classes, we provide students with everything they need to be successful.

What we offer JCCC students:

  • We’re experienced. Our Aviation instructors are knowledgeable industry professionals.
  • We’re up-to-date. Our aviation material is relevant, and our instructors know industry trends.
  • We’re flexible. We offer face-to-face classes at times that are convenient for your schedule.
  • We’re convenient. You can take high-quality courses and training close to home.
  • We’re affordable. Course costs are reasonable.
Steven T., Continuing Education aviation student
The greatest advantage for enrolling into a classroom ground school versus an online ground school is that you have a real instructor who is not only preparing you for the FAA written exam, but also providing insights into the remaining steps of your flight training journey.

Are you curious about drones—recreationally or commercially? Our introductory and test prep courses, taught by expert drone instructors, are designed to meet your specific needs. Learn the basics in Drone Photography and Introduction to UAV Drones.

About our drone courses

Now is the time to get started! More companies are using UAVs for professional services in industries like photography, cinematography, real estate, construction, surveying and mapping, agriculture and more.

In our drone classes, you will discover all there is to know about UAVs. We will talk about:

  • Careers that use UAVs
  • Filming and photographing using UAVs
  • Laws regarding UAVs

Are you already an experienced flier, but need to take the private pilot test? Look no further than JCCC. The Private Pilot Ground School will prepare you to sit for the FAA Private Pilot exam.

Are you ready to learn to fly? As an instrument-rated pilot, you will be far less limited by adverse weather! Instrument flight training involves learning to control and navigate an airplane only by reference to the flight and navigation instruments while following instrument flight rules (IFR).

In our Private Pilot Ground School class, you will gain more insight into the air traffic control system in the United States. In addition, you will learn to interact effectively and efficiently within that system while piloting an airplane during adverse weather conditions.

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