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Take a Tour of Campus Projects, Open Petal Farm and More

Center for Sustainability staff and interns offer enrichment opportunities for faculty and students.

Individuals, Groups or Classes

Whether you're planning a visit from across town or just across campus, keep sustainability in mind! We can come to your classroom or community group, or meet you at any of several sustainability-related campus projects to make a presentation and have a conversation with your group, a class, or even you and your colleagues, if you’d like to enjoy a team-building campus excursion.

Flexible Times

If you’re hoping to find a solution for your online or evening class, let us know. We’ll work with you to come up with something that fits your needs. And if you’re coming from off campus, we can easily arrange bus or multiple car parking.

Email Kristy Howell or call 913-469-8500, ext. 2883, for more information, except for the Waste Audit tour noted below.

Guest Talk on Sustainability

Our general introduction to sustainability at JCCC gives students a basic understanding of sustainable principles and how they’re applied on campus. This talk is highly customizable for the class time and location.

Curriculum-specific Talk

This is a chance for us to work together and explore your specific needs. We’ve talked about environmental justice and the African American experience with history and sociology students, corporate social responsibility and greenwashing with business students, and many other topics as requested by faculty. Don’t forget – we also offer funding support for sustainability-related curriculum development!

JCCC Green Building Tour

Learn more about JCCC’s commitment to green building standards in this talk that we usually hold in the lobby of Galileo’s Pavilion. The conversation introduces green building practices using our own LEED Platinum-rated building as a case study. We can also add newer construction on campus, including the Wylie Hospitality and Culinary Academy, the Fine Arts & Design Studios, or the Hugh J. Libby Career and Technical Education Center.

Location-specific Tour

Each of these tours takes about an hour for the outdoor version, or about 30 minutes for the classroom version (preferred for night classes).

  • In the compost and recycling tours, you will learn about JCCC’s role in the circular economy and how student interns help turn our “waste” into useful resources.
  • On the Open Petal Farm tour, we talk generally about sustainable agriculture practices, the benefits of eating locally and in season, and soil health.
  • On the stormwater installation tour, we’ll talk about native plants, the outdoor built environment, and stormwater management.

Waste Audits 101

Get your students thinking more critically about the kinds of things we throw away in this conversation with staff and student interns. Through an evaluation of waste in your own classroom or previous campus waste audits, we will talk through the types of waste we see on campus, the recycling process and its commodification, how recycling sales support student learning at JCCC, and what steps students can take to reduce and properly dispose of their own waste. Email Krystal Anton or call 913-469-8500, ext. 4929.

Recycling, Charging Stations, Bike Racks, Bus Stop, Campus Farm and More ...

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