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JCCC is publicly funded and tax exempt; therefore, Kansas State and Federal laws and JCCC Policy place restrictions on political activity at JCCC.


  • Kansas law specifically prohibits use of College resources for promoting or opposing a candidate or election issue
  • IRS regulations prohibit nonprofit organizations from “political campaign intervention” and certain lobbying activities; the Anti-Lobbying Act prohibits the use of Federal funds for lobbying US Congress.
  • JCCC encourages its community to take part in political activity, support the candidates of their choice and to vote on Election Day, provided that applicable laws and JCCC policies are followed.

Campaigning for a JCCC Trustee Position

  • Candidates on campusJCCC welcomes any candidate running for office during a political campaign, and all political candidates are provided with the same opportunities and restrictions when visiting JCCC. A candidate’s desire to reach potential voters will be balanced against our students’ abilities to pursue their studies without distraction. And, during an election cycle, the College will extend any invitations to participate in JCCC events (such as a commencement ceremony or building dedications) with a sense of balance and fairness to the election process. Political office holders and candidates will not be introduced or recognized on campus unless they are attending a formal campus event.
  • Trademarks and Logos: To avoid the appearance of JCCC endorsement, candidates may not use JCCC trademarks or logos in their campaign material.
  • Filming on Campus: Candidates who desire to film on campus must comply with guidelines, requirements and restrictions administered by JCCC Strategic Communications and Marketing, including ensuring that such filming does not create the impression that a candidate or political party or position is endorsed by JCCC.
  • JCCC-Owned Photographs: Candidates/campaigns wishing to use JCCC photos or photos from the JCCC website in a campaign must:
    • Ask written permission via email to;
    • Not include any individual that is identifiable;
    • Provide photo credit with use of the photo (i.e., “©Copyright JCCC 2020”); and
    • Include a Disclaimer Statement: “Use of photos from JCCC events/activities does not imply support nor endorsement of this candidate by JCCC.”
  • Non-JCCC Owned Photographs:
    • Candidates are responsible for securing any necessary licenses or permission to use copyrighted works.
    • Include a Disclaimer Statement if photo, logo, or graphic creates the impression of JCCC support: “Use of photos of JCCC events/activities does not imply support nor endorsement of this candidate by JCCC.”
    • Pictures including identifiable students require student consent for external use (or parental consent if a student is under 18).
  • Literature Distribution: Individuals wishing to distribute literature in public areas designated for such purposes must comply with guidelines, requirements and restrictions administered by the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development. Candidates may have an on-campus table for one day during the campaign.
  • Classrooms: JCCC employees may invite candidates to visit a class or organization to make a presentation, but candidates may not campaign during the visit.  JCCC employees must uphold neutrality and fairness in seeking classroom visitors and are prohibited by law and JCCC Policy from using work time or JCCC resources to advocate for or against any candidate.
  • Facility Rental: JCCC facilities may not be used for political fundraising events for candidates or political parties, nor may JCCC facilities be made available to the community for the purpose of holding political meetings that interfere with JCCC activities. All JCCC facility rentals are subject to guidelines, requirements and restrictions administered by the JCCC Scheduling Office.

 See also: Political Activities Policy 427.01