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Compensation Policy 418.04
Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Compensation and Benefits

Applicability: This Policy applies to all Johnson County Community College (“JCCC” or the “College”) employees, except the President and other positions specifically exempted.

Purpose: The purpose of this Policy is to attract, retain, and reward talented employees with equitable and competitive total compensation based on relevant labor markets. 


Total compensation considers all aspects of compensation, including base salary, variable compensation, benefits coverage and options, non-cash rewards, recognition programs, and the work environment. The College will balance the principles of fairness, equity, and market competitiveness with sound fiscal discipline. Compensation programs will support JCCC’s mission, vision, and values and be consistent with the College’s compensation philosophy.

Human Resources will prepare and review a compensation plan for non-bargaining unit employees annually, which shall be presented to the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) for consideration and approval prior to the beginning of each fiscal year (the “Compensation Plan”). The Compensation Plan will outline the standards of employee qualifications, duties, compensation, and terms of employment. The President or designee may appoint or employ employees of the College in a manner consistent with the Compensation Plan, or for bargaining unit employees, in accordance with any master agreement.  Exceptions require approval from the Board, and in the case of bargaining unit employees, pursuant to additional procedures required by the Kansas Professional Negotiations Act, if any.

Human Resources will adopt internal procedures consistent with this Policy, the Compensation Plan and for bargaining unit employees, any master agreement, to create compensation components and pay delivery mechanisms. Human Resources will conduct regular analysis of the external market to ensure pay opportunities consistent with established local, regional, and national competitors, both public and private, as appropriate. The College may identify comparator organizations to be used for salary administration purposes.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 09/21/2000, 03/15/2001, 12/15/2016 (material incorporated from Temporary Reassignment Compensation Policy 418.05), 11/18/2021