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Compensation Policy 418.04
Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Compensation and Benefits

1. The College will maintain systems to establish pay ranges for positions based on duties, responsibilities and related job criteria.

2. The Board will periodically approve recommended minimum and maximum limits for pay ranges.

3. Human Resources will recommend to the Board an initial salary for each candidate being hired that falls within the appropriate pay range except where it is determined that unusual labor market conditions prevail or that the qualifications of the candidate being hired require a special salary determination.

4. The Board will periodically establish general guidelines for adjusting the salaries of employees.

5. Human Resources will recommend a rate of pay for each employee at least once a year.

6. Pay periods will be designated by the College and are subject to change at any time.

7. In addition to any payroll deductions required by law, voluntary deductions will be permitted if mutually approved by the College and the employee.

8. The College will pay a shift differential to hourly employees who regularly work on a scheduled night shift where the scheduled working hours of the shift begin during the evening of one working day and extend past midnight. The amount of the shift differential shall be as determined by the Board.

9. Temporary Reassignment Compensation: Employees may be temporarily assigned additional duties which are outside the scope of their regularly assigned position due to a position vacancy or long-term absence of another employee. At the discretion of the College, additional compensation may be awarded to employees for these additional duties in accordance with guidelines established by Human Resources. Pay adjustments will be calculated using any reasonable method, including but not limited to an hourly pay basis, an annual pay basis or a per diem pay basis, and pay adjustments are subject to Board approval.

Date of Adoption:
Revised: 09/21/2000, 03/15/2001, 12/15/2016 (consolidated with Temporary Reassignment Compensation Policy 418.05 last revised 07/09/2002)