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Dr. Andrew Bowne

Executive Vice President/Provost
Dr. Mickey McCloud

Executive Vice President for Finance & Administrative Services
Rachel Lierz

Vice President for Human Resources

Vice President of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer
Gurbhushan Singh

Vice President of Student Success and Engagement/Chief Student Affairs Officer
Shelli Allen

Vice President, Workforce Development & Continuing Education, Adjunct Faculty Legal Studies
Elisa Waldman

Vice President for Strategic Communications & Marketing
Chris Gray

Vice President College Advancement & Government Affairs
Kate Allen

Vice President/Chief Information Officer
Rob Caffey

Vice President and General Counsel
Kelsey Nazar

Vice President Financial and Business Services/Chief Financial Officer
Janelle Vogler

Executive Director for Inclusion and Belonging
Marquis Harris

Executive Director for Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning
John Clayton

Special Assistant to the President
Caitlin Murphy