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Staff in the Grants Leadership and Development Office provide an array of services to help faculty and staff plan for a grant submission, prepare grant proposals, and administer an approved grant from launch to close-out.

Planning Services

Assess Feasibility – Need, Scope, Capacity and Support

  • Align with College Strategic Priorities
  • Research Faculty / Staff Funding Needs
  • Interpret Grant Proposal Guidelines and Agency Regulations
  • Lead Informational Sessions on Funding Opportunities
  • Research / Contact Funders
  • Vet Opportunities Presented to Faculty and Staff

Preparation Services

Initiate, Develop and Submit

  • Facilitate Planning Sessions
  • Research and Analyze Data
  • Facilitate / Write / Edit Grant Proposals
  • Assist in Creating Project Budgets
  • Submit Proposals
  • Manage Internal Approval Process
  • Draft Letters of Collaboration / Commitment

Post-Award Services

Launch, Execute, Monitor, Close-out

  • Review Award Notices and Manage Approval of Agreements
  • Liaise with Program Officers
  • Facilitate Launch Meetings with Project Leads and Relevant Administrative Offices
  • Coordinate External Partners / Sub-recipients
  • Monitor and Troubleshoot Projects
  • Process Budget and Programmatic Revisions
  • Liaise with Grant Accounting, Accounts Payable, Financial Aid, HR, IR, Legal, Marketing and Procurement
  • Coordinate Funder Site Visits
  • Establish and Maintain Post-Award Record Keeping