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Load Funds onto Your JCCC ID Card

You can add funds to your ID card for use at multiple campus locations.

Load Funds

  • Set Up, Register & Future Access - Select JCCC ID Card Access to register or access your JCCC ID card information. Remember your password for future use.
  • Guest Deposits - Select JCCC ID Card Access to add funds to another persons's ID card. 
  • Access Your Account in MYJCCC - You can also log into MyJCCC and select the My ID Card tab.
JCCC ID Card Access

Financial Aid Refunds

  • You can load your financial aid refunds on your JCCC ID card for use on-campus. Contact the Business Office at 913-469-2567 to deposit refunds on your card.
  • If you have also created a U.S. Bank account, log in to to access the My Finances tab. You will need to add your new bank account information, and select this account for refunds.

Designated Funds

  • Gifts - If you would like to gift a student or staff member you can add funds to their ID card directly or you may give them a CavCard without having to use the JCCC ID card. The CavCard works just like a regular gift card. 
  • Dining Dollars - Dining Dollars can be loaded on to the JCCC ID card only. Students can use JCCC Dining Dollars to purchase meals, beverages or snacks at all Dining Services locations. These funds can only be used at Dining Services locations. These dollars will carry over from semester to semester. Opening a Dining Dollars account offers the following advantages:
    • You can open an account for a minimum of only $5.
    • Deposit $100 or more and receive an extra 5% on your account.

ID Card and CAV Card Refunds

If you have money remaining in your account at the end of a semester, it will be available to you on your card the following semester unless otherwise stated below. Refunds for JCCC ID funds are issued at the request of the card holder at any time prior to separation from Johnson County Community College. The balance of your refund will first be applied to your tuition and fees account to satisfy any outstanding balances, if you owe the college any money.

  • Student Separation from JCCC - If you are a student leaving the college due to graduation, withdrawal or transferring to another institution you will need to request a refund within 12 months of your separation. 
  • Employee Separation from JCCC - If you are an employee and your employment is terminated from the college, you will need to request a refund within 12 months of your separation.

Refunds Requested After 12 Months of Separation from JCCC - If you have not requested a refund for your remaining funds on your JCCC ID Card or CAV Card within 12 months of your separation from Johnson County Community College, an administrative fee of the remaining balance up to $15.00 will be charged to your account and it will be closed. The remainder of the JCCC ID Card funds will be returned to the card holder in the form of a check and mailed to the address on file with the college and/or may be turned over to the State Treasurer’s Office as unclaimed property. Contact the Bursar's Office if you have any questions.