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The JCCC ID card is required for credit students to check out library materials, make bookstore purchases and have access to computer labs and the gym. The first one is free.

Student ID Card Image

General Information

  • You may obtain an ID card after your credit tuition is paid through third-party billing, financial aid or enrollment in a payment plan, or if the balance is paid in full by you.
  • The primary location for obtaining the ID cards is the Student Activities & Welcome Desk. Replacement cards are only issued from this location. Also, the circulation desk at the Billington Library may issue your ID card.
  • Your ID card is active as long as you are enrolled and paid as a credit student and does not need to be renewed.
  • You can add funds to convert your ID card to a debit card for use at multiple campus locations.
  • If you are taking Continuing Education classes (non-credit), you are not eligible to receive an ID at this time, unless you are also enrolled in credit classes.


  • The first JCCC ID card is issued at no cost. A replacement fee is assessed if the ID is lost, stolen or damaged.