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Event Food for Your Organizations

When having food at your Student Organization meetings and/or events, it is important to be aware of the JCCC policy regarding food.

JCCC Food Policy

The JCCC Food Policy covers all food items, except those traditionally sold during bake sales (i.e., cupcakes, cookies, rice crispy treats). If your Student Organization would like to sell foods other than those sold at bake sales, permission must be obtained. Please contact the Center for Student Involvement for permission. Food Policy (Per JCCC Catering: JCCC Catering Brochure, p. 4)

JCCC Dining Services is responsible for providing all food service in public spaces at the college. Any other arrangement for the provision of food service at the college must be authorized by the manager of Dining Services who may grant exemptions to the policy on a per individual event basis if the following conditions are met:

Donated Food

Exceptions to the policy may be granted in the case of donated items when open to the public if the following guidelines are followed: (JCCC employees only)

  • The food must be prepackaged.
  • The food must be stored at room temperature without spoilage, such as cookies and punch.
  • The activity is held outside the JCCC Dining Services (see below).d. No admission is charged for the reception.

Licensed Purveyors and Caterers 

JCCC Dining Services has the right of first refusal when it comes to outside purveyors/caterers on campus. Exceptions to the policy may be granted in the case of the engagement of private, licensed purveyors or caterers if the following guidelines are followed: 

  • Private, licensed, insured caterers may be engaged only with the prior acknowledgement of the JCCC Dining Services manager and only under circumstances as are deemed cost prohibitive by JCCC Dining Services or for any other compelling reason.
  • Private, licensed caterers may donate food only with the approval of JCCC Dining Services manager.

Food Left Over from Catered Events

Food ordered but not consumed at a catering function cannot be removed from the building/room where it was scheduled to be served. This policy is standard for the catering industry. The policy is in effect for the following reasons:

  • Liability-Dining Services is responsible for the safety of all the food it prepares and serves. Food that is mishandled is very susceptible to foodborne illness. Food items must be properly chilled, stored, heated and served.
  • Cost-Additional labor and equipment would be required to package, label, store and issue these products to customers.