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Print Costs, Payments and Refunds

Students, faculty, staff and guests can use PaperCut. These instructions on how to pay and request refunds will guide you through this process.

Printing Costs and Quotas

Pages are deducted from the user’s quota each time a print job is completed based on the rules defined for the printer. The user will have the opportunity to review the cost of the print job prior to sending it to the printer when using a printer that imposes a fee. Typical use costs are highlighted below by user type:

  • Students: No cost for first 100 pages in any term (fall, spring or summer). After the limit is reached, the cost is $.10 per black-and-white single-sided page.
  • Guests: Cost is $.15 per black-and-white single sided page regardless of the number of pages printed. 
  • Faculty/Staff: JCCC faculty and staff receive an unlimited quota for printing on campus. Printers in academic areas and the library will require authentication prior to printing. Printers located in office areas will be configured to track total usage, but there is no fee for printing in these areas.

Unused Additional Cash or Credit Card Amounts - Funds will remain in a student's account until graduation or separation from the college. No refunds will be granted.

Semester (Term) Dates - PaperCut quotas will be added each term on the day after the payment deadline. Any unused free prints from previous terms will be carried forward.

Paying with Your Student ID

This page allows you to transfer funds to your account balance using your JCCC ID card.

Adding credit to a papercut account with a JCCC ID card

From the drop-down list in the Amount to Transfer field, select the amount you will transfer to your PaperCut
account using your JCCC ID card and select the Add Value button.

The next screen will briefly say “X units were successfully added to your account”, and then that message will fade out.

Completing the transfer of funds for printing fees using a JCCC ID

Confirm the appropriate amount was added to your PaperCut balance.

Adding Credit to Your Print Card

This page allows you to increase your account balance using a credit card.

Add Credit screen shot

From the drop-down list in the Amount to add field, select the amount you will add to your account and select the Add Value button.

You will be taken to the following form:

Add Value screenshot

Confirm the amount and choose continue. You will see the following form:

Add value form screenshot

Fill in the information and choose continue to complete the transaction.

Confirm the appropriate amount was added to your balance.

Redeeming Your Print Card

  • If you do not want to use a credit or debit card you may purchase a pre-paid print card at the vending machine located on the first floor of the Billington Library.

To use your card:

  • Log in to PaperCut, with your credentials.
  • Choose redeem card on the left side of your screen.
  • In the Card number field enter the pre-paid card number including any letters and dashes.

Redeem pre-paid card screen

  • Select redeem card. The value of the card will be added to your account balance. For more information about account balances and roll-overs see Account Information.

Requesting a Refund

  • Refunds will only be granted when the error is evaluated and determined to be related to the status of the printer (poor toner quality, wrinkled paper, etc.). These requests should be directed to the library staff or lab supervisors when they occur. JCCC staff will assess the issue and determine whether a refund is warranted.
  • Any refunds will be given in the form of a credit to your PaperCut account. There will be no cash refunds.
  • The quota added to the student PaperCut account each term is non-refundable. Unused cash or credit card funds will remain in a student's account until graduation or separation from the college. No refunds for unused balances will be granted.
  • Refunds will not be given for user error (duplicate printing, selecting wrong printer, etc.).