Plan Your Catered Event

1. Schedule a room.

a. First things first, you need a space to have your event. This is important and cannot be overlooked.

b. Contact the appropriate people to schedule the space.

2. Tell us about your event.

a. We need quite a bit of information that is asked for on the Catering Request Form (PDF). Fill that out completely and email it to us.

b. Check the FAQ for any questions you might have. Then please take the time to review our catering policies.

c. Yes, we do need every line filled out. This smooths out the process incredibly.

3. Choose a menu.

a. Whether it’s a working meal, snacks during a meeting or a full-on served dinner, you have a lot of choices. Give us an idea of what you want so we can put our experience to work for you.

b. Please consider dietary restrictions. A majority of our items can be prepared to accommodate almost every need. Do not hesitate to ask us what we can do. It’s a lot more than you might think.

c. At this point, we'll send you a confirmation notice with the menu and the number of anticipated guests. Double-check it to make sure no one has forgotten anything.

4. Confirm your guest count.

a. When you email the Catering Request Form we'll plan for the number of guests you anticipate. We don't need a final number until 48 hours before the start of your event, though, so if it goes up or down you're still covered.

b. However, if you see a rise in RSVPs before then, please let us know. We love to hear that your event is growing.

5. Enjoy!

a. When you arrive we'll have things set up and ready to go and be available to answer last-minute questions.