Catering Guidelines

Room Scheduling: Arrange for your room by calling scheduling at 913-469-4423. Scheduling must be contacted prior to any call to catering. If you are planning to have an all-day meeting, you may want to schedule a separate room for meal service.

Styles of Service: JCCC catering offers a range of services from a quick drop-off delivery to formal dining, from very economical to highly distinctive and customized events. JCCC appreciates the opportunity to work with you to plan a successful event. These menus represent our traditional offerings, but our skilled chef and staff can also create custom menus and environments for your special occasion.

Standard Service: Casual service orders are delivered right to your meeting room and are served with disposable ware. We will return after your event to pick up any leftover foods and catering supplies.

Formal Service: Formal service orders are served with china, glassware, the required number of attendants, linen and table skirting. This includes all buffets and served meals, but only in rooms and buildings designated for this type of service.

With advance notice, special linen colors for both napkins and tablecloths are available at no additional charge. Floral arrangements can be made available for an additional charge.

Custom Service: Custom service entails original approaches to your special event. We are happy to work with you to custom design a themed or upscale reception or dinner. Our chefs can create simple and elegant, as well as more elaborate, menus that may not be featured in this brochure. If you need some inspiration in choosing a personalized menu, our executive chef is available to create an original dining experience. To discuss this option, call Cherie Jenkins, manager, catering, at ext. 4942, or Jason Arnett, supervisor, catering, at ext. 3770.

Catering Orders: After your space has been scheduled, email Cherie Jenkins, Jason Arnett and Jean Keating your catering request. At this time, an estimate of the number of guests to be served and your food requests is required, even if tentative.

The following information will be needed to process your catering request:

  1. Name of event, event number, building and room number, date and time of event as it appears on your Ad Astra confirmation from our scheduling office.
  2. Estimated number of attendees.
  3. A specific time that you want catering to be delivered along with the start and end time of your event.
  4. Internal clients need to provide a billing account number. External clients should see section “outside groups” below.
  5. Request any special dietary meals in advance. We are prepared to accommodate diabetic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals.
  6. Contact person and campus telephone extension if different than person on the existing reservation.
  7. Any specifics on the set-up, such as linen requests, floral, special requirements, etc.

Minimum Guest and Purchase Requirements: Meals requiring a minimum number of guests are noted within this brochure.

For deliveries on weekdays at 6 p.m. or later, or any time during a weekend, there is a $50 minimum purchase requirement, plus delivery charges and sales tax. Any special event requiring catering in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art/Café Tempo requires a $1,000 food and beverage minimum when scheduled during weekends and evenings.

Outside Groups: Your group can be billed directly through our Accounts Receivable department. To be billed directly, the information listed under “Catering Orders” is necessary, in addition to a catering contract. To be eligible for tax exempt status, a valid Kansas sales tax exemption certificate or other valid certificate will need to be presented.

Information Deadlines: Meals, receptions, box lunches, etc. must be provided a minimum of seven business days prior to your event to avoid a late fee. A guarantee guest count will need to be submitted 48 hours prior to the event or meeting taking place. This primarily pertains to all served meals, receptions and buffet catered events. If no guarantee is received, we will consider the original request to be correct. You are charged for the guaranteed guest count, even if the guest count decreases.

Increases in guest count are charged accordingly.

Service Requests: After your catering request has been confirmed, we will send a service request to campus services for room set-up when your group is having a meal or a reception.

If you would like a head table, registration table, extra tables, or any special arrangement please specify this with your initial order. Catering does not send a service request for seating arrangements when box lunches or standard refreshment deliveries are ordered.

Café Tempo, Food Court, Coffee Bar(s) and Down Under

Options: Meals can also also be charged through any of our other dining locations. See for our other locations. Space reservations can also be made for groups of 10 or more. Call Jean Keating at 913-469-8500, ext. 4537, for assistance with this campus dining option.

Additional Information:

  1. Please remember that although it is important that we receive notification in advance, we realize that events may arise unexpectedly. We are prepared to assist you with last-minute requests.
  2. JCCC Catering must provide all food and beverages.
  3. Please do not move equipment or food from the room to which it was delivered. All items not available for pick-up by our staff, or returned by you after your event, will be charged to your bill.

Food Policy: JCCC Dining Services is responsible for providing all food service in public spaces at the college. Any other arrangement for the provision of food service at the college must be authorized by the manager of Dining Services. Exemptions to the policy may be granted on an individual event basis if the following conditions are met:

1. Donated Food:

Exceptions to the policy may be granted in the case of donated items when open to the public if the following guidelines are followed:

a. The food must be prepackaged.
b. The food must be stored at room temperature without spoilage, such as cookies and punch.
c. The activity is held outside JCCC Dining Services.
d. No admission is charged for the reception.

2. Licensed Purveyors and Caterers:

JCCC Dining Services has the right of first refusal when it comes to outside purveyors/caterers on campus. Exceptions to the policy may be granted in the case of the engagement of private, licensed purveyors or caterers if the following guidelines are followed.

a. Private, licensed, insured caterers may be engaged only with the prior acknowledgement of the JCCC Dining Services manager and only under circumstances as are deemed cost prohibitive by JCCC Dining Services or for any other compelling reason.
b. Private, licensed, insured caterers may donate food only with the approval of JCCC Dining Services manager.

3. Potluck Events:

Departments or organizations sponsoring “closed” potluck events may provide their own food if all of the following criteria are met.

a. Potluck is defined as members providing their own individually prepared food which is to be consumed by those in attendance of such an event.
b. The activity is only for department/organization members.
c. The activity is held outside the JCCC Dining Services facilities.
d. No admission is charged.

Food Left Over from Catered Events: Food ordered but not consumed at a catering function cannot be removed from the building/room it was scheduled to be served. This policy is standard for the catering industry for the following reasons:

Liability: Dining Services is responsible for the safety of all the food it prepares and serves. Food that is mishandled is susceptible to food-borne illness. Food items must be properly chilled, stored, heated and served.

Cost: If additional labor and equipment would be required to package, label, store and issue these products to customers a cost would be accessed.

JCCC Catering Off-site Fees:

Off-campus delivery fees vary but are not limited to:

  • Catered meals served with china (under 50), add $5 per guest
  • Catered meals served with china (over 50), add $7 per guest
  • Catered meals served with disposable, add $3 per guest
  • Catered receptions, add $3 per guest
  • $250 minimum required for off-site catering

Special Dietary Needs

We are committed to accommodating most special dietary needs. Throughout our menu you will find a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan entrees, sides and snacks. Additionally, we have several items that either are gluten-free or can be prepared as such. Our catering and culinary teams will work with you to ensure your guests’ needs are met. While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that any menu item will be completely free of allergens due to shared cooking and preparation areas.

Our culinary team is trained to properly prepare specialized meals to ensure your guests’ safety while providing an attractive, nutritious meal. If you do not find a suitable meal in this menu, our executive chef will develop a menu to meet all your needs.