Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Architectural Program

The JCCC architecture department offers a complete one year of study that will prepare you for a smooth transition to the School of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Kansas, or another school of architecture program. Architects are master builders who possess a wide array of skills and diverse educational backgrounds in many disciplines.

JCCC's architecture courses have been developed in cooperation with both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University schools of architecture. This mission is a holistic approach to architecture based on our vision of critical thinking, creative process and constructive learning integrating techniques including freehand sketching, technical drawing, digital applications and three-dimensional model exploration.

Taking advantage of this curriculum of study allows you to:

  • Learn by working one-on-one with architects
  • Experience instruction in small classroom settings
  • Earn transfer credits with architecture specific courses
  • Select from five possible degree tracks
  • Receive an excellent foundation in general course work
  • Save money on your educational costs