Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Architectural Program

The JCCC Architecture Department offers several unique paths into the diverse field of Architecture.  This mission specific curriculum is a holistic approach to Architecture based on critical thinking, creative processes and constructive learning, integrating techniques including freehand sketching, technical drawing, digital applications and three-dimensional model explorations. 

Students have the opportunity to explore numerous degree paths within a one-year transfer program, or a two-year AA Degree in Liberal Arts, with electives emphasizing architecture courses. All of the degree paths transfer to the University of Kansas, School of Architecture Design & Planning.  The architecture specific courses have been developed in cooperation with local schools of architecture where students have transferred their creative experiences toward their specific degree or to other national schools of design and architecture.

The one-year transfer program in Architectural Studies can lead into the following degrees:

  • Architectural Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Architectural Studies BA with a Master of Urban Planning
  • Architectural Studies BA with a Master of Construction Management
  • Architectural Studies BA with a Master of Environmental Design
  • Architectural Studies BA with a Master of Architecture
  • Master of Architecture

The two-year degree path can lead to an Associate of Arts degree, with electives emphasizing architecture courses, and can transfer into the third year of the Architectural Studies Degree and paths noted above.