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Military Science Courses Offered at MNU or KU

Military Science I

  • Introduction to leadership (values, attributes, skills, actions)
  • Personal development (time management, stress management, health and fitness, goal setting and communications)
  • Officership and the Army profession
  • Orienteering, map reading, land navigation, basic tactics

Military Science II

  • Foundations of leadership (team building, situational leadership, adaptive leadership, leadership analysis)
  • Personal development (briefings, interpersonal communication, effective writing, advanced time management)
  • Army values and ethics, consideration of others
  • Officership (Introduction of Principles of War, terrorism awareness)
  • Advanced map reading, terrain analysis, route planning, problem solving, battle drills, offensive operations
  • Advanced Course – professional military education – commissioning

Military Science III

  • Adaptive team leadership (team dynamics, developing future leaders, leadership styles and behavior)
  • Personal development (effective communications, stress management)
  • Army values and ethics (warrior ethos), risk management
  • Advanced map reading, intelligence preparation of the battlefield, troop leading procedures, squad tactics

Leadership Development Assessment Course

Military Science IV

  • Developmental and adaptive leadership (physical fitness programs, effective communications)
  • Military professional ethics, ethical decision making, code of conduct, rules of engagement, cultural awareness
  • Training, risk management process, counseling, evaluation reports, career management
  • Military decision-making process, organization for combat, supply and logistics, military history