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Based upon the course outline and formatted according to Educational Affairs Committee Course Syllabus Guidelines, the JCCC course syllabus is designed to provide course information, expectations, grading rationale, etc. A course syllabus is required each time a course is offered. Detailed information about the form and format for a course syllabus may be found in the "Constructing Your Course Syllabus" section of the JCCC Faculty Handbook. Many components of the course syllabus are translated directly from the course outline. The syllabus template (Word PC doc) may be helpful in the development of your course syllabus.

A copy of the course syllabus should be provided to each College Now student at the beginning of each College Now course. In addition, one copy of the syllabus is to be provided to the JCCC Community Outreach office by October 1 for fall semester and year-long courses and by March 1 for spring semester courses.