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Operational guidelines for College Now instructors, administrators and building representatives.

Administrative Policy and Practice Guidelines

Each participant within the College Now program has a defined role to play. Within the administrative policy and practice guide the roles, duties, guidelines and expectations are explained in detail.

These operational guidelines highlight various aspects and responsibilities associated with the College Now program. The focus is intended to be on the ongoing collaboration upon which the program is based. However, in the event that the secondary school site cannot or does not meet the applicable guidelines stated herein, it may be necessary to cancel a section or course. Of particular importance are those guidelines related to course syllabuses, instructor qualifications or other factors that may immediately compromise the equivalency and/or collegiate-level instructional integrity of the section or course.

If necessary, issues that may arise from conditions of these guidelines may be mediated by a committee comprised of representatives of the college and representatives of the secondary school site. Due to the ultimate responsibility for the program, the final decision-making authority shall rest with the college administration.

Professional Development

Professional Development is an important part of the College Now program as it provides for collegial interaction and strengthens teaching and learning both on campus and in our secondary schools.

Attendance at one professional development event per year (defined at July 1st to June 30th) is required of each instructor. The College Now office will provide sign-in rosters at the beginning of each event and required paperwork at the conclusion of each event as a means to track attendance. A minimum of three events per year will be hosted on JCCC’s campus for College Now instructors.