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  1. In general, serve as the point of contact for their secondary school site.
  2. Compile a fall, spring, and “year-long” course schedule at the beginning of each academic year.
  3. Receive and distribute class schedules to classes.
  4. Inform students of the maximum number of college credits they may earn through the CN program.
  5. Be the official person at the secondary school site to answer questions that students and parents may have about the program.
  6. Maintain an inventory of basic JCCC forms
  7. Receive, distribute, collect, and return textbook order forms.
  8. Receive, distribute, collect, and return final grade rosters.
  9. Notify JCCC (Office of Community Outreach for Credit Instruction) of any problems or questions.
  10. Attend meetings, as needed, to discuss issues, ideas, and suggestions about the CN program.
  11. Distribute various mailings (instructor letters, JCCC publications, directories, etc.).
  12. Share information about the Metcalf Bank Scholarship opportunity.