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The College Now liaison serves as liaison for the College Now faculty, assistant dean, chair and full-time faculty for academic issues related to the classroom.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Acts as a liaison for the dean, assistant dean and chair in curriculum-related issues. The College Now liaison will collaborate with Community Outreach for credit instruction office to facilitate communication among members of the department/program and help integrate College Now faculty into the college community.

2. At the discretion of the assistant dean or chair, the College Now liaison may:

  • assist with reviewing College Now faculty educational qualifications.
  • conduct College Now instructor site visits and schedule follow-up meetings (when appropriate with the assistant dean), maintain site visit reports.
  • assist with preparation of reports relating to College Now faculty.
  • assist with facilitation of College Now faculty responsibilities (i.e., textbooks; course syllabi and outlines; student assessment procedures; discipline-related professional development activities; and questions related to policies and procedures of the department/program, division, and college.)
  • provide a forum for increasing communication and the dissemination of information.
  • bring forth College Now faculty concerns when appropriate, and assist with awards and recognition of College Now faculty.
  • Plan and implement discipline-related meetings at JCCC.
  • coordinate the teaching materials of College Now instructors, ensuring that College Now teachers have all necessary materials.
  • mentor College Now faculty regarding course preparation, presentation and testing.

3. At the discretion of the assistant dean or chair, the College Now liaison may coordinate:

  • textbook orders.
  • College Now orientation and in-service activities, including follow-up sessions.
  • the preparation, organization, distribution, collection and grading of the common final for those courses that have them.
  • the development of pre-test/post-test models for introductory courses.

4. Assignment and distribution of hours for the College Now liaison position will be at the discretion of the assistant dean or chair, consistent with college policy.

5. The College Now liaison may be a full-time faculty member or an adjunct faculty member.

6. The role of chair or College Now liaison are exclusive roles, unless a program has fewer than six (6) College Now instructors or only one full-time JCCC faculty member.