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Process for appointing and approving and denying instructors

Prospective College Now instructors complete the Instructor Information/Approval Form and submit it to the College Now office with the required proof of credentials indicated. Faxed forms are acceptable.

With the assistance of the discipline-specific faculty liaison, utilizing the State and departmental requirements a determination is made regarding the qualifications of prospective instructors.

Within two weeks instructors will be notified by mail if they have been approved or denied to teach within the College Now program. For those who have been approved, a comprehensive welcome packet is included with the acceptance letter.

Once instructors are approved, they are added to the College Now list-serve and begin receiving information about all upcoming events and links to new publications. It is not uncommon for liaisons to schedule individual orientation meetings with them well in advance of their first official professional development event.


The College Now new instructor orientation is required of all new instructors (and instructors who have not participated in the program for two or more years).

Topics covered in the orientation will include:

  • Rigor required for the college level class
  • Course assessments and evaluation methods
  • Course grading and grade distribution
  • Course philosophy/departmental philosophy
  • Course materials including textbooks
  • Overall course alignment with departmental expectations

Instructor Expectations

  1. Submit a CN Instructor Information Sheet (PDF) to the JCCC Community Outreach office and insure that information is updated as needed.
  2. Provide all CN students a JCCC Course Syllabus at the beginning of each CN course. The syllabus will be based upon the college course outline, formatted according to JCCC Course Syllabus Guidelines, and will parallel an on-campus syllabus in form and content.  A copy of the Course Syllabus will be provided to each CN student at the beginning of each CN course. In addition, one copy of the syllabus is to be provided to the JCCC Community Outreach office by October 1 for Fall semester and Year-Long courses and by March 1 for Spring semester courses.
  3. Administer departmental finals in those courses in which such exams are required for on-campus courses. Adhere to departmental procedures on administration and security of departmental exams.
  4. Cooperate with College Now Liaison to arrange site visits and to engage in continual collegial interaction.
  5. Attend at least one College Now professional development event each year.
  6. Attend JCCC program meetings or in-service as needed to insure continuity of instruction.
  7. All new College Now instructors: Attend mandatory new College Now instructor orientation and workshop held annually in the fall.
  8. Enter final grades into JCCC's system by the due date for each term.
  9. Use the adopted college textbooks for all CN courses. Exceptions must be approved by the JCCC program area.
  10. Ensure that course objectives or competencies match those required for the course as indicated on the JCCC Course Outline and reflected on the JCCC Course Syllabus. Additional objectives, competencies, or other material may be included in the curriculum and may be appended to the syllabus.
  11. Uphold the standards, requirements, and rigor necessary for college credit to be earned by students.
  12. Cooperate with the college in responding to other routine requests.
  13. CN instructors will be provided a per-semester payment provided by JCCC for CN responsibilities that may occur outside the scope of the school district teaching assignment, included but not limited to those items listed above. It is expected that the instructor's primary contract with the school district will be honored and not negatively impacted by accepting the CN assignment and payment. At such time as the instructor is no longer assigned to teach CN, or no longer meets JCCC qualifications to do so, the payment will be discontinued. Assignment and selection of CN teachers is the responsibility of the school district and high school principal, in coordination with JCCC. The district reserves the right to change those assignments when determined to be in the best interests of students or the needs of the district.
  14. Non-compliance with these guidelines will result in discontinued association with the College Now program.

College Now Instructor Tuition Reimbursement Form (PDF) for JCCC Classes

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