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1. Establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with the secondary school site.

2. Provide, upon request, up to 30 copies of adopted textbooks per CN course section to the school district. (Only necessary replacement copies will be provided between adoption cycles.)

3. Share course materials used in on-campus classes with CN instructors.

4. Provide feedback to the CN Instructors regarding their JCCC course syllabus form, format and content.

5. Designate a CN liaison in each content area who will work with the CN Instructor.

6. In cooperation with the secondary school site, provide and fund professional development activities.

7. Reimburse the applicable school districts for certain instructional costs associated with CN.

8. Facilitate the registration and enrollment process for CN students.

9. Upon receiving completed Transcript Request form, mail student transcripts.

10. Conduct studies to determine various aspects of the program including: Annual CN Student Survey, One/Five-Year Former CN Student Follow-up, and Five-Year Impact Study. Results will be shared with the secondary school sites and may be used as a basis for program improvement and change.

11. In consideration for their school district’s participation in the CN program, CN building representatives and CN instructors will be eligible for the following:

  • Possible reimbursement of tuition paid for JCCC credit classes taken by eligible dependents during the fall or spring semester.
  • One noncredit opportunity per year (approx. $150 maximum). A current Individual Development Plan (IDP) and completed form are required.
  • Faculty access to the Billington Library resources (library card required).
  • Use of the Lifetime Fitness Center by enrolling in the Lifetime Fitness course (tuition reimbursement is available as described above).
  • Applicable JCCC Staff Development events and activities.
  • Faculty who teach in the College Now program are eligible to enroll their children in the Hiersteiner Child Development Center on a space-available basis. All enrollment guidelines apply. Call the center at 913-469-4438 or check the website at
  • CN instructors may contact the JCCC Community Outreach Office for further information.

12. Provide copies of “Imprint” to each CN instructor and CN building representative.

13. Schedule faculty in-service evenings at the beginning of each semester.

14. Maintain overall responsibility for the program.