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  1. Designate instructors with educational qualifications that, at minimum, meet the college’s requirements for teaching approved CN courses within the discipline.
  2. Assist the college in obtaining essential paperwork from CN faculty, including but not limited to JCCC Course Syllabuses.
  3. Cooperate with the college in establishing course equivalency and assure that the rigor of instruction, objectives, assignments, testing, and evaluation will be commensurate with that of on-campus classes.
  4. Provide the college a general description of the faculty evaluation process or procedure used by the secondary school site.
  5. Assure that students meet the admissions requirements of the college in order to enroll in CN classes.
  6. Designate one person (typically a counselor) to serve as the CN Building Representative.
  7. Cooperate with the college in providing professional development opportunities.