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College Now Course Approval Process

In general, eligible College Now courses are only those courses that exceed the regular high school curriculum. The following procedure is used for initial approval of a course to be offered through the CN program:

  1. The secondary school site will complete the upper portion of the Request for Course Approval (PDF) form. The appropriate JCCC course outline should be used as a basis for the request and for development of the initial JCCC course syllabus.
  2. The completed form along with supporting documentation from the secondary school site should be forwarded to the JCCC Community Outreach office.
  3. The request will be forwarded to the appropriate program area for review and consideration. A meeting may be needed to discuss any details regarding the curriculum. Stipulations or other caveats will be determined as needed during this stage of the process and will become part of the record.
  4. If approved, the request form should be routed for signatures. Copies of the final signed document will be distributed by the JCCC Community Outreach office.
  5. Each approved CN course will be subject to ongoing review. Substantial curricular changes at the secondary school site and/or the college may require resubmission for course approval.