Desirable Attributes

These attributes are required to pursue a career with the railroad. This is not an employment opportunity but strictly an educational opportunity.

  • At least three years working experience around heavy equipment/machinery
  • Able to work in all weather conditions
  • Have strength and alertness
  • Able to follow rules and procedures
  • Understand and promote safety for self and others
  • Stay organized and able to keep things in order
  • Be good with details
  • Enjoy working outside
  • Enjoy working with one's hands
  • Be reliable and safety conscious
  • Have the ability to work independently or with a team equally well
  • Be competent in basic mathematics, reading and basic computer skills
  • Be willing and able to complete 6 weeks of full-time training without interruption at the National Academy of Railroad Sciences located on the Johnson County Community College campus in Overland Park, Kan.