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Most of your training will be done in the safety of your own home.

Part virtual, part on-campus six-week plus RRT 100 conductor certificate plan — still the rigor of The National Academy of Railroad Sciences (NARS) training. The SUMMER 2023 fast-track plan is June 5 – September 22, 2023. The FALL 2023 fast-track plan is August 21 – November 3, 2023.  

All classes except the second week of GCOR and Field Training week will be held virtually. GCOR and Field Week run Monday, July 10-Friday, July 21, 2023, for the Summer plan, and Monday, October 23-Friday, November 3, 2023, for the Fall session, on the campus of JCCC and at the Lenexa Yard.

Classes fill up fast, so enroll TODAY!

For the safety of our students, staff and instructors, and during the restrictions and uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, NARS adjusted the Face-to-Face method of instruction for the Railroad Conductor Certificate program starting in the Fall 2020 semester.


This program will be offered in an Online/Hybrid format with required Zoom videoconference attendance. 

The original face-to-face format allowed students the opportunity to complete the certificate course in a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks. The new online/hybrid program is designed to offer the identical instructional strategies and techniques experienced in the classroom, but through the online setting, thus satisfying the restrictions and safety requirements for our students brought on by COVID-19. Two weeks of on-site GCOR and field training will still be required at the end of the six-week online training to satisfy the requirements of RRTC 267, Conductor Field Training.


This new offering is designed for the same student who can devote the same attention as a full-time student attending the face-to-face classes. Enrollment in this class will require that the student be able to devote 6-8 hours per day to their studies. A mandatory Zoom meeting will be required daily. If you question your availability or discipline to satisfy these requirements, please feel free to enroll in the five-month conductor certificate plan, which is designed for the busy, working professional.


  • The student can complete all but one class in Conductor Certificate Program in as little as six weeks. The RRT 100 class - Introduction to the Railroad Industry is a semester-long course.
  • Hundreds of dollars of savings for required hotel stays and food for out-of-town students.
  • Access to the instructor 24 hours per day either by phone, text, Zoom, or FaceTime to answer any questions you have.