Costs and Financing

Costs for study abroad programs vary depending on the cost of living and currency exchange rates in various countries, but the total cost for a semester is often less than the cost at a private college or university, or roughly comparable to that at a public institution.

Almost always, JCCC's programs are cheaper than those at four-year colleges and universities. We want to offer study abroad programs that are affordable for community college students.

For details about specific program costs, email us, call the office at 913-469-4756, or visit the office in COM 220.

Scholarships are available to study abroad students.

One way to reduce your costs is to choose a summer program rather than a semester program. Many summer programs are only four weeks long, so your room and board expenses are correspondingly lower. You also won't pay as much tuition because you will only be taking three to six credit hours.

Another way to hold down the cost is to select a program in a non-Western country. Programs in Western Europe and in Australia and New Zealand are more expensive than those in the developing world. Some non-Western programs do have a language requirement for participants.

Finally, there is no substitute for planning ahead and saving your money. Those who have saved, planned, dreamed and prepared generally have the best study abroad experiences. You are investing in your future. Study abroad is an experience that you will never regret.

Jacob Tharp and five other JCCC students posing on a patio bench in China"To put it plainly, this trip is life changing. Everything from when we got off the plane in Xi'an Up to this moment has been eye opening and exciting. We are learning so much from both the school as well as the society of China. We are growing as individuals and as [a] team. We've tackled many of the challenges that arise with moving to another country together and we keep pressing forward." -- Jacob, China