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Honors Program

The Honors program is designed to stimulate and challenge academically talented students, providing them with an opportunity to excel and achieve their educational goals.

The program allows students to:

  • explore new ideas
  • engage in creative activities
  • research areas of interest
  • sharpen skills
  • become independent learners
  • collaborate with experienced faculty

Honors program courses are defined by small class size and are based on exploration and discussion of a variety of theories and perspectives.

Honors Program Requirements

Complete four honors courses.

Honors courses

Honors courses have smaller class sizes, offer enriched content and focus on discussion.

Honors contracts

An Honors contract can be substituted for an Honors course with approval of the program director. A contract is a 1 credit-hour extension of a regular class that allows the student to explore a subject in depth. The student, in consultation with a faculty mentor, determines the nature of the project or paper topic.

Honors Forum

Complete one Honors Forum class. Honors Forum is a 3 credit-hour course that focuses on issues and topics not offered in the general curriculum. The course incorporates discussion and projects with an emphasis on content and skill development.


Honors students present one project or paper at the JCCC Symposium, at a department-level meeting or at a regional/national conference.

Honors Program Options

Students must also complete two of the following options:

  • Interdisciplinary course
  • Study abroad or study away
  • 20 hours of service learning
  • Additional Honors course work
  • Leadership options
  • Cultural events