Getting to Your Host Country

Study abroad students, in most cases, need to arrange their own travel.

The College Consortium for International Studies sponsoring college for your program should tell you which date to arrive in your host country, and they should meet you at the airport.


passport is always necessary if you are traveling out of the country.

You may apply in person at selected post offices, at federal or state courts of records, or at one of the passport agencies of the U.S. Department of State.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate or previous U.S. passport), two recent photos (2X2) and current ID with photo or physical description are required.

You may renew a passport by mail if yours has expired recently.

Apply early because processing an application can take 12 weeks.


A visa is written permission to visit a country granted by the government of that country. Requirements vary from country to country.

You should receive information about visa requirements for your host country from the CCIS-sponsoring college. You can also contact the nearest embassy of the host country, but first check with the international education office.


A few countries do require vaccination certificates against yellow fever or cholera. Again, the CCIS-sponsoring college should give you this information.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control also has up-to-date information, or your local health department can advise you. Your doctor or health department clinic can administer vaccinations.