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The JCCC Honors Symposium is held each semester and gives students an opportunity to present a paper or project completed in fulfillment of honors requirements.

The symposium is intended to provide students with presentation experience in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, and allow them to share the results of their work with fellow students in the Honors Program, friends, family and faculty.

Listed below are the papers/projects presented at the Spring 2018 Symposium: 

Oral Presentations

  • Physical Acting: Way Then, Then and Now by Michael Poleleyev
  • The Process and Challenges of Rendering the Mandelbrot Set by Kelyn Crandall
  • Hierarchy and the Effects on Poverty-Stricken People in Southeast Kansas: Mid-1800’s to Future by Mary Anne Sause
  • Circuit Maker by Lauren Stephenson
  • Violence in Southeast Kansas by Anu Ittycheri

Poster Presentations

  • Towards the Isolation and Identification of Biosynthesized Antimicrobial Compounds Produced by Bacillus Cereus by Griffin Bastian
  • Inspiration of Ethnic Backgrounds Leading to Southeast Kansas by Heidy Burgoa
  • Gravitational Waves and Multimessenger Astronomy by Jackson Conners
  • Teaching Microbiology and Ecological Succession to Middle School Students by Wesley Cooper
  • Southeast Kansas: How Industry Helped Build and Destroy a Region by Ramiro Flores-Martinez
  • The Violence of Southeast Kansas by Samantha Green
  • Behavioral Economics in Southeast Kansas by Jin Joo Hwang
  • Southeast Kansas: The Influences of Nostalgia and How the Past is Remembered by Anna Jacobson
  • Big Sonia Reflections by Felly Kamhanda
  • American Dream: Are Wealth and Fame Required? by Mollie King
  • Understanding Food Waste at a Community College by Erin Kruse
  • How Community Colleges Revitalize the American Dream by Ana Lim
  • Bringing Peace into the Latino Community by Alejandro Mendoza
  • A Journey to Flint, Michigan by Graham Murphy
  • Understanding Community Attitudes Towards Light Pollution by Emily Neff
  • Struggle and the American Dream by Brandon Pitts
  • Leadership-Movie Analysis by Olga Poleleyeva
  • The Road to Citizenship by Mit Pyo
  • Up to Us by Katia Rivera Cobian
  • The Effects of Plastic Consumption in Wax Worms and How They Can Help Our Environment by Karen Rivera Cobian
  • Exploring Organismal Biology Through Art: Bringing Unfamiliar Organisms to Life Through Sculpture by Melvin Santoso
  • Human Trafficking by Yodit Teklit
  • Parent’s Dreams and First Generation Americans by Sandra Velazquez
  • Cedar Cove Website Redesign by Sara Walker
  • Taylor Series vs. Cordic Algorithm by Warren Wang
  • Sparking Student Curiosity with Microscopes by Mark Whatley
  • Influences of Energy and Technology in Southeast Kansas by Fen Yang
  • The Intention of Design by Wenya Zhao
  • JCCC Student Information Survey by Leadership 130 Class: Griffin Bastian, Brandon Pitts, Elizabeth Emami, Mollie King and Corey Devine

Honors Symposium Videos

Spring 2018 

Spring 2017

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