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The resource center in LIB 310 is operated and maintained by the program’s instructional aide with the assistance of work-study students under the instructional aide's supervision.

The Graphic Design Resource Center provides:

  • Oversight and maintenance of all program facilities including furniture and equipment, as well as the program’s inventory of all instructional supplies and related materials.
  • Support and assistance with all major program activities including Student Advisement Days prior to the college-wide early registration process, the portfolio review and the annual Best of Student Show.
  • Preparation and set-up of all instructional areas, equipment and materials at the beginning of each semester, as well as the daily oversight and maintenance of all program areas as needed.
  • Assistance with the preparation of general program materials including the student handbook, informational posters and announcements, as well as instructional materials for the individual faculty members, such as handouts, presentation and display materials, slides, scans, models and charts.
  • General assistance to all adjunct faculty and students in the operation and the procedures relating to the use of all program facilities and equipment, as well as individual tutoring in a variety of traditional and digital skills as needed.
  • Maintenance of the program’s reference library collection and the supervision of its use by both faculty and students.
  • Assistance with the hanging of instructional displays of student work in the program’s display cases.
  • Oversight of program security as well as the supervision and maintenance of program safety equipment and resources.
  • Maintenance and oversight of all materials relating to program activities including student advising records.
  • Responsibility for conducting tours of the program facilities for prospective students.