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Web Development & Digital Media

Web Development & Digital Media

Skilled developers and media designers are in high demand for one of the fastest-growing industries around. Turn your technological savvy into success with a career in the lucrative field of web development and digital media.

A tablet showing html markup, a hand-drawn wire frame for a web page and a mobile phone showing a web format

What will I learn?

Start a conversation or tell a story using the language of technology. With just a few semesters of study, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of workflow, web application, web development and content management – and be ready to launch your new career.

Work in both Windows and Mac to build your toolbox. Start with the basics of HTML, CCS, and JavaScript. Move on to web scripting for front-end and back-end design and development using PHP, UX, UI, Bootstrap, jQuery and React. Get experience building in Wordpress and Druple content management systems.


JCCC’s stackable certificates mean you can move into the workforce after earning a certificate or continue building your skills and earn a two-year Web Development and Digital Media Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.

Get paid to build your portfolio. After 12 hours, you can be eligible to take on projects for paying clients as part of JC3 Innovations Student Agency. All proceeds will go toward establishing scholarship programs for JCCC multimedia students.

Whether you prefer code or content, you’ll build technical skills with hands-on experience in JCCC’s state-of-the-art computer and production labs. Create podcast and video content. Collaborate with colleagues in our fully equipped Open Lab.

Class sizes limited to 15 students for a deeper learning experience. Online classes available.

Can I get a job?

Potential career: entry-level front-end technician or developer

Choose Web Technologies Certificate

  • Emphasis on technical coursework
  • Learn appropriate methodology to create and maintain web pages
  • Start your career or continue on with one of the career paths listed below

Potential career: front-end designer, content strategist, multimedia animator

Choose Digital Media Certificate

  • Emphasis on content creation, from the user experience to the social and media production skills
  • Start your career or continue on to earn an AAS.

Potential career: web developer, user experience developer, back-end developer

Choose Web Development Certificate

  • Emphasis on code and the development and maintenance of websites
  • Start your career or continue on to earn an AAS.

Potential career: full-stack developer, user experience developers, digital media specialists

Choose Web Development and Digital Media Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree

Learn to successfully design and develop websites, web applications, user experiences and digital content that will capture audiences in our increasingly mobile world.

Coursework includes analysis of real-world case studies and hands-on projects.

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