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Web Development & Digital Media

Web Development & Digital Media

Develop the skills you need to help design the future by enrolling in the Web Development and Digital Media Program.

The world of Web Development and Digital Media puts unlimited opportunities for creativity and career success at your fingertips. Whether you choose to emphasize code or content, this program will provide you with the skills to understand the problems we face on the web, think about creative solutions to those problems and then make those solutions a reality.

There are four options for completing this program:

  • The 16-credit-hour Web Technologies certificate provides a foundation for all careers in web-related areas. Once completed, you can pursue your career or continue your studies on our two exciting and rewarding paths.
  • The 30-credit-hour Digital Media Certificate path focuses on content creation, from the user experience to the social and media production skills, in hands-on labs. This path leads to a wide-range of media-related professions. (16 Web Technologies credits + 14 Digital Media credits)
  • The 30-credit-hour Web Development Certificate path emphasizes the code, development and maintenance of web sites. This path leads to a career as a professional web developer. (16 Web Technologies credits + 14 Web Development credits)
  • The 64-credit-hour Web Development and Digital Media Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree provides more in-depth knowledge on your chosen path, plus the core educational requirements of an AAS degree at Johnson County Community College.

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