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Correct placement into your first college math class is one of the best predictors of reaching your educational goals

Using ALEKS PPL Placement

You will start by taking an ALEKS Practice Assessment at home or at the location of your choice. This Practice Assessment will:

  • Show you how to use ALEKS.
  • Give you an idea of your current level of math knowledge, and what JCCC math class you will likely place into.

It is important that you take the Practice Assessment without outside help so you get an accurate assessment of your current knowledge.
After the Practice Assessment, you will have the opportunity to select a Prep and Learning Module. 
Use your JCCC username and password to access the ALEKS Math Practice Assessment and Prep and Learning Modules.

If you want to improve your placement score, you should spend at least three hours working through the Prep and Learning Modules before scheduling to take the Math Placement Assessment in Testing Services. When you select a Prep and Learning Module, an individualized study plan will be created for you based on your results in the Practice Assessment, and focused on what you should review to get ready for the math class you want to place into. ALEKS will identify what you already know and what you are ready to work on next so you can brush up on lost knowledge.

Using ALEKS PPL Prep and Learning Modules

Once you choose a Prep and Learning module, you cannot change to a different one.

Choose If you're trying to place into...
Prep for College Algebra Any course except one of the classes listed below
Prep for Precalculus Statistics, Business Calculus 1, Trigonometry, Discrete Math, Precalculus, or Math and Physics for Game
Prep for Calculus Calculus 1

Topics include: real numbers, equations and inequalities, linear and quadratic functions, exponents and polynomials, rational expressions, radical expressions, exponentials and logarithms, and geometry and trigonometry.

Note: You do not need to master all the topics unless you are trying to place into a high-level math class

The learning pie is a graph that shows all the topics in ALEKS PPL and shows you which topics you have mastered.

While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete a Knowledge Check to make sure you have mastered the topics you gained in Learning Mode. If you do not show mastery during the Knowledge Check, the topics will be added back into your Learning Pie so you can review them again.

No. You must schedule a Math Placement Assessment (proctored attempt) inTesting Services.

You can take only one practice assessment before taking the Math Placement Assessment (proctored attempt) in Testing Services. You can take the proctored Math Placement Assessment up to four times.
As you work in the Prep and Learning Module, you will see progress reports that indicate your current knowledge level. Once you are satisfied with your progress, you can schedule a proctored Math Placement Assessment Testing Services.

Testing Services at or phone 913-469-4439.