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Students, faculty and staff can use PaperCut to print on campus. These instructions will help you with issues you may have with compatibility, access or printing.

Printing problems

Report any printing problems immediately. Reporting problems promptly will help us troubleshoot and solve the problem quickly.

You can do any of the following to report the problem.

  • Call the JCCC Technical Support Center at 913-469-8500, ext. 4357. This will allow the Technical Support Center to take the printer offline so that other print jobs do not get lost.
  • Alert the library staff or lab supervisor.

Printing from the library databases

If you need to print an article from one of the Library databases, select the Download as PDF option if available.  If that is not an option, download the document as full text or as a Word document if possible.  As a final choice, you can highlight all text, and copy and paste the content into a Word document for printing purposes.  Please contact the library staff with questions

Wireless access

You must be authenticated to the jccc-wifi wireless network to use online library resources.

You will need to know your MyJCCC login name and password to continue.