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JCCC monitored computer labs are an academic support resource for JCCC credit students, staff and faculty.

The use of JCCC lab technologies is also governed by JCCC policies, including but not limited to:

Anyone violating JCCC Policies, related Operating Procedures or computer lab rules may have his/her account and/or user privileges revoked, and such violation may result in disciplinary and/or legal action.

Lab Assistants are available to assist you with maintaining a quiet lab environment and provide help with general operation of lab technologies and software applications. 

You may be required to scan your JCCC ID when using the computer lab or checking out equipment.

Please note that some program-specific labs may have additional rules.

  • Please be respectful of others and keep noise and conversation to a minimum.
  • Lab equipment and supplies are intended to be used for academic purposes within the lab.
  • No illegal copying of ANY materials is allowed.
  • Food is allowed, with the exception of nuts. Beverages are also allowed but must be in spillproof containers with a cover, such as leakproof water bottles. 
  • Use of JCCC equipment for personal entertainment (e.g., playing games) is discouraged during peak lab usage. JCCC students affiliated with a JCCC gaming club or academic program may test and play games for academic purposes.
  • Each individual is responsible for the safekeeping of his or her personal property.
  • Children are not allowed in the Computer Labs and should not be left unattended elsewhere.
  • JCCC is a tobacco and smoke-free campus.
  • JCCC technologies may not be used for unauthorized commercial or for-profit activities.

Additional Assistance