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You may qualify to receive notetaking support in your classes. Access Services offers several options to students who need accommodations related to capturing course information.

 Supplement your own notes: 

  1. LiveScribe Pen: You may check out a LiveScribe pen to use for notetaking.  LiveScribe pens allow you to take your own notes on paper while capturing your notes and the lecture electronically.  If you’re interested in this option, please visit with an Access Advisor for more information.
  2. Glean by Sonocent: Glean is a software program that allows you to take notes on your laptop and record your lecture with a unique organization system.  If you’re interested in this service, just let your Access Advisor know and we’ll get you the tools you need to take notes with Glean.
  3. Professor provided notes: Your professor may provide all students with a copy of class notes on the course shell in Canvas.  Some students are able to take adequate notes when supplemented with PowerPoint slides/notes provided by the professor.

Get notes from a peer notetaker:

Access Services will recruit a student in your class to serve as your peer notetaker.  Your identify will be kept confidential and you’ll download notes from your myAccess account 

Instructions for downloading notes (PDF)  

For questions regarding peer notetakers, you may email our Notetaker Coordinator.

Notetaker Assignments

Prior to the start of each semester, potential notetakers are recruited by Access Services.  Once we receive your request we either make an assignment to a student who has already signed up to be a notetaker in myAccess or we begin recruiting a notetaker.  Our recruitment process includes sending a recruitment email to select students in your course, asking your professor for help in recruiting a notetaker, and/or going to your class to request a notetaker in person.

Once a notetaker is assigned, you and your professor will receive an email from the Notetaker office.

If you would like to recruit your own notetaker, please discuss this with an Access advisor when you meet to set up your accommodations.

How to Use the Accommodation

If possible, you should try to take notes while you are in class and use the notes you download from myAccess to clarify information you may have missed. This will allow you to develop your listening, writing and reading skills and facilitates your success as a student.

Suspension of Accommodation

Your notetaker accommodation may be temporarily suspended for the following reasons:

  • You miss more than 3 consecutive class periods.
  • You have excessive absences.
  • You have an excessive amount of notes that you have not accessed through the notetaking portal in myAccess.


If you have a notetaker in any of your classes, you are expected to attend all classes unless illness or a personal emergency prevents you from attending.

Access Services is not responsible for providing notes to you if you are absent from class for reasons that are not disability-related.

Problems with a Notetaker

If you experience problems with a notetaker, you should try resolving the matter by asking the professor to verify the quality of the notes.  

If you have further questions or concern with your notes, email notetakers staff for assistance.