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Assistive technology is available at JCCC.

For more information about how to use these resources, please contact Access Services.

Accessible Workstation Locations 

Screen Reader Software 

  • Screen Reader For Windows OS:
    • JAWS
    •  NVDA
      • This free, high-quality screen reader for Microsoft Windows can translate most languages from around the world, no matter the location.
      • About NVDA software
  • Screen Reader For Mac OS X:
    •  VoiceOver
      • VoiceOver is a customizable screen reader built into macOS. It is compatible with more than 100 refreshable Braille displays and can even support multiple displays. It uses many of the same gestures used from iOS and iPadOS.
      • VoiceOver user guide

Magnification Software 

  • ZoomText
    • This magnifier/reader software enlarges and enhances everything on a computer screen, echoes typing and essential program activity, and automatically reads documents, web pages and email.
    • About ZoomText software
    • ZoomText user guide

Reading/Writing Software

Digital Math Software 

Voice Recognition 

Visual Interpreting Service for Blind

  • AIRA
    • Aira is a visual interpreting service with live, on-demand access to visual information. It’s an accommodation and productivity tool that connects visually impaired students to actual humans to simplify daily life.
    • About AIRA software
    • AIRA quick start guide
    • To become a JCCC user with AIRA contact Access Services.

Notetaking Support Software

    • This tool records classes so students can listen back at their own pace. A notetaking platform includes organized notes, labels and photos. More features make it easy to add slides, headings and search recordings. Available for laptop and smartphone. Automatically syncs between devices.
    • About GLEAN
  • Digital roice recorders

Assistive Communication Devices

Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs)/Video Magnifier Locations

  • Academic Achievement Center 
  • Science Resource Center 
  • Math Resource Center 
  • Access Services 
  • Media Services 
  • Testing Services

Braille Embosser 

This embosser is available in Regnier Center 335 CIS/IT Open Computer Lab to anyone needing to produce hard copy Braille or tactile images. The embosser is networked to the Accessible Workstation which has Duxbury Braille Translation software.

Other equipment available through Access Services 

  • LiveScribe pen
    • Livescribe smartpens sync to an app and keep notes organized. The specialized pens transform handwritten notes to text and use Pencast to sync audio to your existing notes.
    • LiveScribe quick start guide
  • Pocket Talker: Sound amplification system
    • This personal headset is a sound amplification system that looks like a Walkman®.and is helpful for those who need some hearing assistance in small groups and in one-on-one conversations.
    • Pocket Talker quick setup guide (PDF)