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If you are a student who is deaf or hard of hearing, you may request a sign language interpreter and other needed accommodations for your JCCC classes.


If you wish to use the services of an interpreter or transliterator for classes at JCCC, you should make an appointment with Deaf Services and Accommodations coordinator Matt Gwynn and complete a request through myAccess.

You will need to submit your audiogram or other documentation so that the request can be processed.

When using the services of an interpreter, you have the following responsibilities:

  • Be on time for classes. At JCCC, interpreters are required to wait for a student 15 minutes for each hour that the class is scheduled to meet. An interpreter is only required to wait a maximum of 30 minutes for a three-hour class. After waiting the appropriate amount of time, the interpreter will report back to Access Services for reassignment. 
  • Introduce yourself to both the interpreter and the professor.
  • If you discover that a film or video being shown in class is not captioned, contact Access Services as soon as possible.
  • If an interpreter does not show up for class, text Matt Gwynn at 913-593-2366 or call him via Video Relay Service at 913-549-9636.
  • If you have a problem understanding the professor or interpreter during class, you should first discuss the problem with the interpreter (he/she may be able to change his/her signing style and resolve the confusion). If the problem cannot be resolved with the interpreter, contact Access Services.
  • If you need and interpreter for activities outside of regularly scheduled classes (e.g., a meeting with a professor or tutor or a performance in the Carlsen Center), complete a Custom Interpreter Request in myAccess. The  interpreter request should include requestor's name, activity title and location, date of activity, and start and end times of activity.

Interpreter Services Interruption

If you miss three consecutive, or excessive, classes without notifying Access Services, you will need to meet with the Deaf Services coordinator to discuss a resolution. If there is a problem with attending class, contact the Deaf Services coordinator.