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Class materials can be converted into an alternative format based on your needs. You will need to work with your professors and Access Services.

Contact Access Services early to discuss your need for alternate format. Access Services will work with you and your professor to determine what items from your class need to be formatted differently.

Alternate formats may include large print, Braille, and digital and audio formats.


If you need syllabi, handouts, or other classroom materials in Braille, meet with an Access Advisor as soon as possible.

Large print

All textbooks that are converted into alternate format need to be purchased by the student. Sometimes, the purchased text will need to be delivered to Access Services for conversion to large print. The text will be returned when the process is completed (usually five to seven days) and the text is sometimes returned in spiral bound format. Access Services will work with the student and faculty to access the syllabus and other handouts that need to be enlarged. The professor may also choose to enlarge the classroom materials themselves. Contact Access Services if you are having any difficulty accessing large print material.

Converting your own class materials

Access Services has assistive technology available if you wish to convert your own material to alternative formats. Contact Access Services for more information.