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JCCC Writing Center Journal

Journal written by JCCC peer writing tutors. 

Grammar Hotline

The grammar hotline provides services to all students in all disciplines for any kind of writing.

Students may call the hotline at 913-469-4413 for questions about writing, such as spelling, punctuation, grammar or usage.

The Writing Center staff uses a variety of resources to research the answer and give you an accurate reply.


Instructors in the Writing Center will assess your writing and may give you a computerized grammar test to understand where you may need help.

Individualized writing course modules are available.

The courses are one-credit, self-paced instructional units which help you learn the rules of standard edited English.

Grammar, mechanics, usage and the rhetorical conventions are covered in a variety of courses.

Writing Assignment References

Style Guides and Bibliography Guide

Style Guides


Additional Grammar Links