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January 28, 2021

Channeling a pipeline of infrastructure problem-solvers

Black & Veatch believes in Johnson County Community College. The company, one of the largest engineering firms in the Kansas City metropolitan area, is searching for tomorrow’s young talent and awarding scholarships to students at four regional colleges.

JCCC Computer Aided Drafting and Design student James Oliver was among the top students to receive a scholarship and complete a successful interview for full-time employment. He will be joining Black & Veatch’s Power division as an Engineering Technician.

It took 14 years of constant internal debate for James to get decisive and return to school. It has been a drastic and sometimes difficult change. He currently works full time at Walmart and goes to school full time. Balancing the two and trying to have some sort of life in between has not been an easy task.

“But I am confident that I will succeed,” he said. “It is an honor to learn that I was one of this year’s scholarship recipients. I very much appreciate it.” The scholarship is an unexpected and welcome boon that relieves some of the stress and worry of making ends meet.

Calling Black & Veatch a valued partner for the College for more than three decades, JCCC President Andy Bowne said the scholarships mark the latest collaboration “to build a strong, highly skilled local workforce and help ensure area students have access – and the financial resources they may need – to earn a degree and pursue careers in high-demand fields.”

JCCC is committed to working with local businesses to meet the workforce needs of our community. JCCC and Black & Veatch have aligned core power electrical course content to accommodate Black & Veatch’s transmission business.

Fueling the Future

To expedite the pipeline of future problem-solvers and accommodate dramatic changes by integrating renewable energy, the Black & Veatch Foundation is underwriting targeted scholarships at Pittsburg State University, the University of Central Missouri, Johnson County Community College and Metropolitan Community College. Interest and track record in delivering qualified, aspiring design technology and technician candidates who can support the company’s global transmission needs were credited to each school.

“Our professionals innovate, create and find new solutions to challenging problems involving the world’s critical infrastructure, so we’re thrilled about this opportunity to help open new doors to talent not only for our business, but for everyone’s betterment,” said Mario Azar, President of Black & Veatch’s Power Business.

Are You Next?

When you enroll in JCCC’s Drafting Technology program, you could be eligible for scholarships, too. Check out ways JCCC can put your talent to work! Contact our Career Development Center Team at 913-469-3870 or set up an appointment with a career specialist in the Career Development Center today.