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January 4, 2022

Minutes from home to JCCC’s front door

When members of the Sokol family needed to earn college credits or just wanted a fun summer camp to attend, JCCC was hands down their first choice.  JCCC was only 20 minutes away from their family home, so traveling to and from college for weekday classes and weekend study groups was easy and convenient. JCCC being so close to home allowed for more family time.

The Sokol family most definitely agrees on three key points that point all JCCC students to academic success: classes are smaller, credits are easily transferred, and the savings are substantial.

Generation 1: Ken and Debi

Ken and Debi Sokol took steps to attend JCCC shortly after they were married so they could climb their respective career ladders. Ken took both credit and continuing education courses, and Debi was accepted in JCCC’s nursing program. After completing their career goals, they both volunteered as GED tutors for JCCC-sponsored Johnson County Adult Education.

Generation 2: Matt and Susan

Matt Sokol (son of Ken and Debi) got a head start taking College Now foreign language classes in high school. He attended JCCC for five semesters and then completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Kansas.

Since college tuition is much less at JCCC compared to universities, Matt was able to earn his degree without acquiring student debt.

“That is one less burden I didn’t have to worry about,” Matt said. “All my classes at JCCC had knowledgeable instructors and I loved the small classes because they felt more personalized.”

Matt plans to encourage his children, Ryland and Malea, to try out JCCC, too.

Susan Johnson (daughter of Ken and Debi) attended one year at JCCC and took advantage of many summer courses throughout her college career. She was able to attain two bachelor’s degrees in four and a half years, thanks to flexible class schedules at JCCC.

Generation 3: Ethan, Avery and Eli

Susan’s children always looked forward to summer youth programming at JCCC, and recently her college-age son and high school daughter took advantage of College Now classes. Collectively they completed eight college courses while still in high school through JCCC, everything from American National Government to Video Production.

“JCCC not only saves our family money, but gives them a jump-start on their college careers,” Susan said. “It allows local students to live at home and then transfer to a four-year university. It also gave me time to decide what degrees I ultimately wanted to earn.”

Join the JCCC Foundation Family

The Sokol family also has found ways to support JCCC programs and students now and in the future by working with the JCCC Foundation. Time will tell how many more generations will use JCCC as a steppingstone to success as Ken and Debi’s legacy grows. Stay tuned!

Does your family have a history with JCCC? Consider leaving a lasting impression on others and the community. To establish a personal endowment in honor of your family or place of business, see JCCC Foundation Giving Options or contact the JCCC Foundation.