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December 17, 2020

JCCC's virtual tutoring and flexible class schedules tip the scales in student's favor

Rallou Ngobjob, a computer science student and full-time front-end team lead at Walmart, has a hectic schedule. JCCC tutor Teri Cole recalls meeting Ngobjob and has been impressed with how well she keeps up with her schooling, despite her work schedule during the pandemic and meeting weekly for tutoring sessions.

A Positive Outlook

When the pandemic hit, Ngobjob, originally from the Republic of Cameroon in central Africa, continued to work long hours as an essential worker. She amazed Cole with her sunny outlook throughout their virtual tutoring sessions.

“Rallou has such a great attitude about her work,” Cole said. “She always comes to our tutoring meetings with such a happy disposition and a willingness to learn the material. I am seriously in awe of her. Her tenacity to continue with both work and go to college is an inspiration to me.”

"What gives me hope is the fact that I know where I am coming from and where I'm going." — Rallou N.

Ngobjob’s cheerful personality has even inspired the customers she encounters. A thankful Walmart customer made a mask for Ngobjob because she was so appreciative of her help.

“Customers thank me every day for being at work during this whole situation,” she said. “It makes the hard work much easier.”

Moving Ahead

The flexibility that JCCC has provided Ngobjob has been essential.

“JCCC has multiple class options for me to work it out between work and school,” she said. “In addition, at the beginning of the semester, I benefited from a school computer, which has been a big help for me with my computer science class.”

Her family, her future and her motivational team at JCCC inspire Ngobjob to keep working and achieving her dreams.

“What gives me hope is the fact that I know where I am coming from and where I'm going,” she said.

Programming the Future

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