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Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature

Call for Proposals
THEME: VOICES = Expression · Diversity · Identity

Call for proposals is closed. Registration for the Cavalier Conference, however, will remain open until April 5, 2019.

The concept of “voice” plays an important role in the teaching of writing and literature, but also a contested one. Some teachers urge students to look for markers of individual voice as they read, or to develop their own individual voice in their writing. Others insist that there is no individual voice but instead a constellation of social and cultural influences within each of us, so that finding a voice really means discovering our influences.

Scholars of composition and literature have asked us to think of students who may not see their own identity groups represented among their teachers, or even among the readings teachers assign, and they have further asked us to consider what effects this may have on students’ sense of language and identity. Others have noted that the concept of voice itself is rooted in a very American sense of individualism that can be disorienting for students from other cultures and countries.

And yet even with all of these uncertainties, the concept of voice is energizing because it connects to so many key areas of concern for teachers of language.