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Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature

7th Annual Conference

(Re)Imagining: Canon, Composition, Culture

  • Expanding and diversifying the canon
  • Exploring the rise of new genres
  • Examining the intersections of composition with culture

Join us for a lively conversation and dialogue about shifting cultural norms and their effects on academic expression, especially as it pertains to the composition and literature classroom. 

Our culture changes rapidly. With endless media designed to broadcast that culture to us, the number and type of texts to sift through, teach and make meaningful to students can be as overwhelming as it can be exhilarating.

Television shows now challenge the supremacy of film in a long-unquestioned aesthetic hierarchy. Remember when the novel challenged the supremacy of poetry in that equally long-unquestioned hierarchy? Graphic novels are now nominated for the Man Booker prize. Bathroom graffiti, not to mention hip-hop, are serious art forms.

In 2019, Archive of our Own, a digital repository for fan fiction, won a Hugo—and by the way, what’s considered Standard American English? Meanwhile, is the essay—including the tried-and-true College Admissions Essay—now a threatened species?

What are English instructors to do? What are the most essential genres to teach in an English classroom, and how do we even understand genre?

Featuring keynote speaker Adam Banks, Professor of Education at Stanford University and author of “Digital Griots: African American Rhetoric in a Multimedia Age.”