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Building Community and Connections

The leading regional English educator conference: April 12, 2024

Explore critical issues of community and connections affecting education today. Collaborate with colleagues near and far on research-based solutions for overcoming barriers and transforming the ways we teach.

Building community in the places we teach, work, live and play has been a prominent topic in education, but the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to consider where we are and where we can continue in the future.

How can our work build a stronger sense of community? What barriers get in the way? Who can we do a better job reaching? Is community always our end goal?

We invite you to share your thoughts as we talk through these questions and workshop solutions to form lasting connections in an era of dwindling networks of support.

Dr. Stacey WaiteKeynote

Dr. Stacey Waite, Associate Professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Stacey Waite is a poet, activist, educator and scholar conducting research in the field of composition and the teaching of writing.

Waite’s books are taught at over seventy colleges and universities in Composition/Rhetoric, Creative Writing and Gender Studies programs each year.

Who should attend?

English educators at the high school and college and university levels are encouraged to attend and exchange experiences on the continuing conversation surrounding community.