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Learn to lead. Dedicate yourself and unlock your full potential with the Cavalier Leadership Program.

What is the Cavalier Leadership Program (CLP)?

Make an impact now and in the future. JCCC’s Cavalier Leadership Program (CLP) is an 8-week nationally recognized curriculum that teaches you the building blocks of effective leadership.

Student ambassadors sitting on the steps in the COM courtyard

Lead in the workforce

Understand how to enact meaningful solutions under stress

Students in JCC t-shirts outside the Student Center

Lead academically

Real-world scenarios enhance your problem-solving skills

Students standing outside the culinary academy

Lead for life

Form lasting connections through shared experiences

What is involved?

JCCC’s CLP begins at the start of each semester, meeting weekly for two-hour sessions. In that time, you’ll make invaluable friendships, build confidence and gain the skills necessary to lead wherever life takes you.

What will I gain from the CLP?

Earn a Leadership Certificate—a résumé builder that sets you apart from other graduates and transfer students.

High-performing students could be selected to compete in the Collegiate Leadership Competition, a nationwide high-impact learning championship. JCCC won the 2022 Global Collegiate Leadership Competition—beating 36 4-year colleges and universities.

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