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Group photo of the Cav Leaders

Highlights of the Cav Leaders Program:

  • Provide campus tours
  • Serve as official representatives in promoting JCCC on and off campus
  • Experience the exciting opportunity of meeting people from diverse backgrounds
  • Promote pride for JCCC campus life
  • Grow in an appreciation of JCCC activities and the behind-the-scenes environment
  • Develop interpersonal public speaking skills
  • Be instrumental in recruitment for new students

Meet the Cav Leaders!

Mission Statement

To serve as official representatives of Johnson County Community College; to promote JCCC programs to prospective students, business and community members; to encourage JCCC pride as Student Ambassadors on and off campus; and to be instrumental in recruitment of new students.

Vision Statement

The JCCC Student Ambassador program strives to be recognized as the premier service organization of Johnson County Community College. We recognize the importance of making a best first impression on students visiting our college. It is our goal to maintain the dignity and integrity that JCCC has earned over the years.