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After you've been hired for a federal work-study job, you will be notified by email when it is time to complete the online new hire paperwork and provide acceptable forms of ID for work authorization to Human Resources, GEB 274.

All federal work-study employees must then follow-up with the Federal Work-Study Coordinator to ensure your signed agreement is on file.

These steps are all outlined in the email and must be completed to be permitted to work and get paid.

W-4 (Federal Tax Withholding) and K-4 (Kansas State Tax)

These forms instruct the college on withholding income tax from your earnings.

Earnings as a federal work-study student employee are considered to be earned income, and are therefore subject to all applicable federal, state and local taxes.

The amount of income tax withheld is

  • dependent on your gross wages per pay period.
  • determined by your marital status.
  • dependent on the number of exemptions you claim on your W-4.

You may notice more taxes withheld if you work more hours during break periods.

You must earn above a certain amount before withholding takes place. That means most students do not have taxes withheld during the school year.

Tax Returns and your W-2

Whether taxes are withheld or not, you will need to check to see if you must file a tax return at the end of the year. If you work multiple jobs your annual tax liability is calculated on the total amount you earned from all jobs. Then you can determine if you owe additional taxes or if you get a refund.

By January 31, the college will mail your W-2 form with your earnings to your address of record or you may choose to receive your W-2 electronically. You can access your payroll information anytime by logging into MyJCCC with your username and password. You can see how much you have earned, view your pay stubs, direct deposit details and W-2 information.


Since 1986, all new employees are required to show proof of legal status to work in the United States.

Before you begin working, JCCC requires all new employees to show two forms of identification. To complete your new hire paperwork, you must present a current I-9 identification and your Social Security card. Before you arrive to complete your paperwork, find out what I-9 documents are required by calling 913-469-3877.

Payroll Forms

You'll also have to fill out forms to let the payroll office know how to handle your paychecks. We encourage you to take advantage of a direct deposit option, which means the payroll office deposits your paycheck directly into your bank account. That means you'll be able to get to your money even on holidays and at other times when the school is closed.

As a student employee, you also may choose to have part or all of your paycheck deposited onto an AccelaPay card, which is a prepaid debit card.

You can get more information and download a direct deposit/AccelaPay card authorization form from this InfoShare site. When you're prompted to log in, type in your full JCCC employee e-mail address and network/e-mail password.

The payroll office won't issue you a time card and you will not be paid until you've completed your new hire paperwork.

Generally, new college employees can expect to wait at least three weeks for their first paycheck. Federal work-study student employees are added to the college payroll and are paid twice monthly, on the 15th and the last day of the month.

If you quit your work-study job or are terminated for cause, the Financial Aid Office will terminate your work-study agreement, and the college won't be responsible to provide you with a new work-study job so you can earn the balance of your federal work-study award.

The college can't guarantee that you will be able to earn the full amount of your work-study award. How much you can earn is determined by the availability of funds, the availability of work and your work schedule.