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All College employees, including federal work-study student employees, are expected to exhibit good work habits in the workplace. This is the only way that we can offer the best service possible to our students.

All of the following rules for success will be found in most workplaces, and following them now will benefit you in the future.

Dress in an appropriate manner.
Many students may not have the means to wear professional office clothes, but slacks and a nice shirt are appropriate.

Keep your personal life personal.
Do not discuss your personal life, especially if someone is waiting for assistance. Although your workplace may be open for student use, do not invite your friends to stop by for a chat. If they are using the services of the office where you are working, be polite but professional.

No personal phone calls may be made from the workplace without the permission of your supervisor.
Also, don’t give out the office number as an alternate place for people to reach you. Do not list your office phone number on personal business.

Office equipment is not for personal use.
This includes email, writing papers, internet searches, copying, etc.

Don’t eat or drink on the job.
There are places available in each building where you can take a break.

Consider all information confidential.
Avoid public discussions about students, faculty, alumni or College policies. Disclosure of confidential information to sources outside the office will be cause for dismissal.

Remember that this is a job.
Performance is expected. Performance will be evaluated. Your supervisor and co-workers may someday be a source of letters of reference. Remember that poor performance will result in termination.

Your regular attendance is very important for the smooth operation of the day-to-day functions of your workplace.
It is also a reflection on how well you will perform in future jobs and will be a consideration on both your evaluation and future letters of reference. Take it seriously.

Your supervisor will complete a Student Employee Work Evaluation form. You and your supervisor should discuss your evaluation, and both of you should sign it.

You are expected to:

  • Be at work at the time you are scheduled and stay for as long as you are scheduled to be there.
  • If you are sick or an emergency comes up, call your supervisor as soon as you know you will not be available. Illness cannot be planned, but a phone call can help your supervisor make plans for the day.
  • Request time off in advance if you need to see a doctor or a dentist and you cannot schedule the appointment for a time when you are not scheduled to work. These requests for time off should be made in writing.
  • Keep accurate records of the hours you work, accurately complete your time card and turn it in on time. Follow the time card instructions.

In addition, many of the College's personnel policies apply to federal work-study student employees.