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Take college classes with a JCCC instructor

College credit also is available through the JCCC Quick Step program. Enroll in classes held on the JCCC campus or at one of our outreach locations, or take a class online. Quick Step is an exciting opportunity for highly committed and motivated high school students to excel.

With Quick Step, you may be eligible for “on-campus concurrent enrollment.” Even if you’re taking a Quick Step class for college credit, your local school district may allow you to earn high school credit for that same course.

Admissions and Enrollment


This concurrent enrollment program is for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors or 9th-grade students who have been identified as gifted with a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) from a public school district (see JCCC's eligibility criteria).

Students must be non-degree seeking at the time of concurrent enrollment. Instruction is provided by JCCC faculty and usually held on the college campus. You can find a complete list of classes each semester in JCCC’s credit class schedule.


For admission to the Quick Step program you must:

Apply for admission

Complete assessments (as required). The class search provides required assessments with the course description.


After completing the admissions process, you will need to

  • Enroll in classes
  • Pay your tuition
  • Purchase textbooks