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The Respiratory Care program is a selective admission program with academic, interview, and procedural requirements.

RC Program applications are due March 15 for the following Fall start date.

Selective admission programs are not eligible for the 60+ reduced tuition rate.

We will evaluate your application after the deadline, provided you submitted all required documentation. The following criteria requirements will be used to determine your eligibility, final ranking, and selection:

You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher to be eligible for admission to the program.
BIOL 144 Human Anatomy and Physiology
OR BIOL 140 Human Anatomy AND BIOL 225 Human Physiology
CHEM 122 Principles of Chemistry
OR CHEM 124 Chemistry I AND CHEM 125 Chemistry I Lab 
ENGL 121 Composition I 3
MATH 116 Intermediate Algebra 3
Total prerequisite credit hours 16
  • All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.  Pass or Fail grade options will not be accepted for prerequisites.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses is not required for application to the program but must be completed by the start of the program.

^See all AAS General Education Electives.

  • If your course work has been completed at JCCC, a copy of your transcript will be placed in your file.
  • You can check your academic record by logging into your MyJCCC account, selecting the My Records tab and clicking on “View Unofficial Transcripts.” It is not necessary to request JCCC transcripts.
  • You must contact all other institutions and request an official transcript be sent directly to JCCC Selective Admissions. Transcripts from other institutions will be released to JCCC only upon request of the applicant. Faxed or hand-carried copies will not be accepted.
  • You are responsible for making sure that all transfer credit is posted to your transcript as equivalent to JCCC courses required or to see a Counselor about the possibility of obtaining a course substitution by Feb. 1.

Please email the Admissions Office at if you have any questions.

We highly recommend that you meet with a JCCC counselor prior to applying to the program. To make a counseling appointment, call 913-469-3809 or email and ask to meet with an RC or healthcare counselor

We will evaluate your application after the deadline, provided that you submit all required documentation. The following criteria will be used to determine your final ranking and selection:

  • Cumulative GPA.
  • Number of completed prerequisite courses by application deadline. Completion of prerequisite courses is not required for application to the program, but must be completed by the start of the program.
  • Academic record demonstrates ability to handle a significant course load successfully.
  • Healthcare courses (e.g. Introduction to Healthcare Delivery, Medical Terminology, etc.) successfully completed beyond the minimum requirements
  • Candidates who have completed a certificate or degree and have submitted proof prior to the application deadline (for example: CNA, EMT, Pharmacy Tech, AS, BS).

The Disclosure and Consent for Background Check form is contained within the program application. Once you have been granted preliminary acceptance into the program, you must pass the background check and drug screen.

After your Intent to Accept form has been received, we will provide instructions on required onboarding tasks and how to initiate the background check, drug screen and Document Management System (DMS) through Validity Screening Solutions. Prior background checks cannot be used. All flagged records are reviewed on a case-by-case situation and may prevent full acceptance to the program. Any noncompliance with these mandates may result in retraction of your acceptance or termination from the program.

Upon admission to the program, students will receive further instructions on the required timing of vaccinations and TB testing. Our clinical affiliate sites that students attend require proof of vaccination. Therefore, all students entering a healthcare program such as Respiratory Care will need to provide proof of immunization and/or immunity for the following:

  • Hepatitis B series and Immunity – One of the following is required:
    • 3 vaccinations or
    • Positive antibody titer or
    • A signed school declination waiver
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella – One of the following is required:
    • 2 vaccinations or
    • Positive antibody titer for all 3 components
  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Acellular Pertussis)
    • Submit documentation of Tdap or booster within the past 10 years
  • Varicella Zoster Virus (Chicken Pox) - One of the following is required:
    • 2 vaccinations or
    • Positive antibody titer
  • Flu vaccine
    • Must be completed annually between August 1 and October 31
  • TB screening -
    • QuantiFeron Gold Blood test (Lab report required)
    • If positive TB results, a clear chest X-Ray (Lab report required)
  • COVID-19 - Due to the rapidly changing clinical requirements in regard to the COVID-19 vaccination, contact the program Director for the most current requirements and process.

Interviewed applicants will be offered positions based on interview panel consensus by email. The remaining interview candidates will either be placed on a waiting list or identified as candidates who will no longer be considered for program entrance based on criteria.

Applicants offered acceptance will need to confirm their intent to accept by the established deadline. 

Applicant acceptance is based on the following contingencies: 

  • Satisfactory completion of any remaining prerequisite coursework prior to the beginning of the program.
  • Satisfactory completion of the required background check and drug screening. Instructions will be provided to accepted candidates regarding requirements. Any noncompliance with these mandates may result in retraction of your acceptance or termination from the program.  
  • Submission and review of the Health Record Packet and supporting documentation. The packet, immunization verifications, and onboarding tasks are to be completed and submitted online by the designated date. 
  • Any fees associated with the background check, the health record and physical examination, or other agency or state requirements are your responsibility. See the “How Much Will It Cost?” panel at the bottom of the main Respiratory Care page for estimated expenses for the program.

After notification of acceptance to the program, the following must be completed by August 2:

1. Validity Document Management System (DMS)

  • Create a New User account
  • New background check and drug test through Validity

2. Health Record Packet

  • The 15-page packet includes frequently asked questions, instructions, and deadlines for required immunizations and tasks
  • Student Acknowledgment must be signed and dated
  • A new physical exam is required (allow time to schedule and complete the physical exam by a doctor or nurse practitioner)

3. Basic Life Support (BLS) Certificate

  • Must be American Heart Association for Healthcare Professionals BLS (or BLS CPR & AED Certification through AHA) completed between June 1 and July 31, the year accepted to the program with no exceptions

4. Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR)

  • Register and receive a new official FCSR background screening confirmation letter. If you registered previously, contact FCSR and request a newly run FCSR background screening for verification.

5. Shadowing/Clinical Observation

  • Shadowing Contact Information and Verification form will be provided for completion once accepted into the program.

6. Documentation

  • Upload verification/documentation of completed required tasks onto Validity DMS before the August 2 deadline.
This program requires an internship, practicum, clinical component or state/board licensing. The institutions that host internships/practicums/clinicals may require applicants to provide a Social Security number or show proof of having a Social Security card. See program chairperson for more information.