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You've submitted your application. Here are the next steps.

After the Feb. 1 submission deadline, applications will be reviewed and ranked. Selected candidates will progress to an interview. 

Ranking criteria:

Pre-Interview Ranking Final Ranking
40%  GPA in program-required prerequisites 50%  Interview
30%  ATI TEAS score 20%  Work history
20%  Anatomy & Physiology grade 10%  Prior degree
10%  Residency 10%  Residency
10%  ATI TEAS score

The Pre-Interview Ranking is completed by mid-March; you will be notified by email sent to your JCCC account informing you that you are a qualified applicant. You will then be given next steps, which include making an appointment for an interview, setting up an account in our system that houses all the students’ required documents for the program, and completing a criminal background check and drug screen. Costs associated with these steps are approximately $120. Completing these steps does not guarantee admission to the Nursing program, but they are required to move forward in the process.

If you need assistance in preparing for the interview, The JCCC Career Development Center offers workshops on interviewing for healthcare programs.

Once interviews are completed, scores are re-ranked using the Final Ranking criteria. Final Ranking decisions for the top 64 students will be emailed to their JCCC accounts in mid-April.

A waitlist will be established AFTER Final Ranking. Should any of the candidates decline their position, the next candidate on the waitlist will be contacted BY EMAIL sent to your JCCC account. If you are not offered a position, please make an appointment with JCCC Counseling to assess your options.

Letters of reference are not accepted, nor will they be considered in the selection process.

Mandatory Orientation for Admitted Nursing Students

We understand students want to be able to plan vacations and travel during the summer. For future planning purposes we are posting the orientation dates in advance.

If admitted to the RN program there are two mandatory orientation dates you must attend. Please plan your schedule so you are available to attend BOTH dates. The inability to attend BOTH orientations will prevent you from being in the program. Extenuating circumstances (e.g., illness, medical emergencies) will be considered by the Program Director. Vacations are not considered an extenuating circumstance.

Class of 2026 (application deadline of Feb. 1, 2024)

  • Orientation #1: June 7, 2024, from 0900-1600
  • Orientation #2: Aug. 7, 2024, from 0900-1600

Class of 2027 (application deadline of Feb. 1, 2025)

  • Orientation #1: June 6, 2025, from 0900-1600
  • Orientation #2: Aug. 4, 2025, from 0900-1600


Each Nursing (NURS) course requires approximately 40 hours per week time commitment. Class/lab days are normally between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Clinical hours vary depending on the clinical site and course schedules each semester. Expect an 8-hour, 10-hour, or 12-hour shift. If selected, you will be given a schedule prior to the start of each semester to make appropriate arrangements. This is a full-time program that does not accommodate work schedules.

Other Considerations

Because of the time required for nursing courses, we highly recommend that you take all or most of your general education and prerequisite courses before applying to the nursing program, but it is not mandatory. All general education coursework not completed prior to the start of the RN program must be completed by the assigned semester. Any course substitution paperwork, if applicable, must be completed by July 1 if you are accepted into the program. RN nursing courses begin once a year in August with 64 students. You must apply each year you wish to be considered for the JCCC Nursing program; waiting lists are not maintained from year to year. BIOL 144 Human Anatomy and Physiology must be taken within 5 years of the Feb. 1 application deadline.

Nursing students are required to have some sort of electronic device (e.g., laptop or tablet) for the download of the digital book product required. Students provide their own devices, most of which choose to use a laptop computer.

KUCC Partnership Program with The University of Kansas

JCCC partners with the University of Kansas to offer a track that allows students to be dually enrolled in JCCC’s AAS program and KU’s BSN coursework. This means you can complete both degrees in four years.

  • F1 Visa students are eligible for the JCCC ADN program but are NOT eligible for this program with KU.
  • To be eligible for the KU program, you must be admitted to the JCCC ADN program.
  • Both the JCCC and KU program must begin in the same semester You must have all 62 credits of general education courses completed prior to the start of the first semester of JCCC’s RN program.
  • Students accepted complete bachelor’s degree nursing courses online through KU concurrently with JCCC associate degree nursing courses on campus.
  • Successful students receive both the associate degree and bachelor's degree in nursing simultaneously. You must begin the ADN and BSN nursing curriculum during the same semester.
  • KU requires a minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.50. When calculating GPA, all non-vocational and non-remedial courses from all regionally accredited colleges and universities attended are considered. Except for Intermediate Algebra, remedial courses are not factored into the GPA. When a course is repeated, both the original and the new grade are factored into the GPA. Courses that do not transfer to KU are not factored into the GPA.
  • KU Deadlines: Following admission to the JCCC ADN program, qualified students should apply to the Community College Nursing Partnership. All application materials (application, payment, transcripts, emails for 3 references, résumé, copy of JCCC ADN acceptance letter) must be received by July 1 to be considered for admission.


Background checks

Note: Only students who are accepted into the program need to complete a background check.

Clinical agencies affiliated with the Registered Nursing Program and state licensing applications require a criminal background check and drug screen. Additional requirements and/or disclosures may become necessary while enrolled in the program. Any fees associated with these mandates will be the student’s responsibility.

Health Records

Note: Only students who are accepted into the program need to submit health records and complete a physical examination.

All students must have a completed Health Record and Physical Examination form on file by deadlines imposed by the Nursing program. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up-to-date immunizations and meet the health record requirements. Annual TB skin tests are required, and additional immunizations will be required by clinical agencies, such as flu shot. Due to the rapidly changing clinical requirements in regard to the COVID-19 vaccination, contact the program Director for the most current requirements and process. Incomplete health records, including all required vaccinations, will prevent students from continuing in the Nursing program.